• API 510 and 570 services for process piping and equipment
  • CWI services for on-stream and shutdown needs
  • API 653 coverage for a turnkey tank examination from the visual assessment and NDE to a recommended API repair plan

MT & PT vs. Surface Eddy Current

(PMI) Positive Material Identification

  • Analysis of material by breaking down each element and reading the quantities by percentage
  • Metal / material sorting
  • Quality control of fabrication and in service materials

(ECT) Eddy Current Testing and Tube Inspection

  • New fabrication of piping and structural alloys and steel 
  • ​Plant turnaround and production unit outages
  • ​Weld quality in ASME pressure vessel fabrication facilities
  • Machine shop and valve manufacturing components

(UT) Ultrasonic testing


  • Thickness, Corrosion scanning, (UTSW) UT Shear Wave, (PAUT) Phased Array UT
  • Code compliant weld quality
  • New fabrication of piping and structural steel
  • Maintenance projects on-shore and off-shore
  • Plant turnaround and production unit outages
  • Mechanical integrity and erosion corrosion surveys
  • Corrosion analysis for offshore riser pitting

Servicing locations throughout the US and Internationally

API and CWI Inspection

AES values safety as the most important part of every job. The awareness of hazards and focus on the safety of all involved, throughout the duration of each job or project. Leaving in the same healthy way we arrive every day to return the next is our commitment to our clients. While AES offers a variety of conventional and advanced services, we pride ourselves on what we can do different for our clients. Whether it's a scheduled routine outage / turnaround or the unexpected emergency service call, our teams will perform the job with the same importance and attention to detail. 

  • Visual assessment of areas that cannot be bodily accessed
  • Determine the cleanliness of small bore piping and tubing
  • Quality control / cleanliness check prior to equipment closure or inspection
  • Tool retrieval
  • (ECT) Eddy Current Testing most versatile technique for the inspection of non-ferrous tubing
  • (RFT) Remote Field Testing for the assessment of carbon steel tubing
  • (IRIS) Internal Rotary Inspection System
  • (NFT) Near Field Testing timely and reliable screening technique for fin fan air coolers
  • (NFA) Near Field Array timely and reliable sizing technique for fin fan air cooler tubing
  • (ECA) Eddy Current Array designed for the detection and sizing of circumferential and axial cracking

Emerging technology

Borescope and video inspections

(MT) Magnetic particle testing and (PT) Dye Penetrant testing

  • (TECA) Tangential Eddy Current Array technology for the detection and sizing of surface breaking cracks in carbon steel materials
  • (SECA) Surface Eddy Current Array for the detection and sizing of surface and sub surface indication in non-ferrous materials
  • EddyFi's Reddy system developed for ease of operational use with the SHARCK probe and Surface Eddy Current applications
  • (PEC) Pulse Eddy Current for (CUI) Corrosion Under Insulation screening with the  LYFT for process piping and pressure vessels
  • ​Conformation techniques for determining the presence of (HIC) Hydrogen Induced Cracking at its early stages in pressure vessels and piping